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Announcement !

We are working on SPAM filters for the new mail server.

Here's some new mail server settings for outlook and other mail clients.

mail server:

login: (put in the whole address)

password: your password (call if you have problems logging in)

Mail Server Type: IMAP

Basic - $9.95/mo
  • Domain Name
  • 25 Megs of Space

Intermediate - $24.95/mo

  • Domain Name
  • 100 Megs of Space
  • Domain Email

Industrial Strength - $49.95/mo

  • Domain Name
  • 100 Megs of Space
  • Domain Email
  • PHP/Coldfusion
  • SQL Database
  • Perl
  • CGI-Bin Access
  • SSL

Co-Locate - Starting @$198/mo


Domained email - $5.00/month
$25.00 settup fee
$15 registration fee




*$25 Settup fee for Domains whether transfering an existing domain or setting up a new one
**$15 per year Domain Registration fee to registration company.
¥SSL Certificates cost $125 per year and there is a $25 settup fee.

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